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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Jetty and Eclipse
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 13:27:15 GMT
Even if the Jetty6 plugin for Maven is an important step, the jar 
copying in mvn war:inplace, doesn't give the right snappy feeling for 
Cocoon core development. I wanted to start the Webserver in Eclipse 
instead, and found a Jetty plugin

Besides installing the plugin in Eclipse you need to install a Jetty 5

Then you just point to your projects that contain a webapp 
(cocoon-webapp or cocoon-blocks-fw-samples) and do:

  Run As -> Run ... -> Jetty Web -> New

There you need to configure the home of your Jetty instalation and the 
webapp directory of the project (src/main/webapp). The only less obvious 
thing that is harder to find in the documentation is that you need to 
define a logger, e.g.

in the Arguments part of the configuration.

Then you just push Run and point your browser to 
http://localhost:8080/[context-name], and you run Jetty directly on the 
code you are developing.

                 --- o0o ---

Is this the way the rest of you develop? Or are there other or better ways?


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