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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Splitting core
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 17:22:10 GMT
With the M2 build and the flat layout in place it is much easier to 
start to split our fat core into more manageable pieces, with well 
defined dependencies. I'd like to start working on that.

As the dependencies must be one directed it is probably easiest to start 
from the beginning in the call chain so that would mean moving the 
CocoonServlet, CLI and the blocks framework to separate projects. The 
flowscript implementation of flow could also be moved to a separate 

So we would get the following new blocks:

 cocoon-servlet: servlet, servlet/multipart and environment/http.

 cocoon-cli: (or maybe cocoon-bean), Main, bean, environment/commandline

 cocoon-blocks-fw: blocks, BlockSource[Factory], BlockPathModule, 

 cocoon-flowscript: components/flow/Javascript.

In a later step we could even have:


 cocoon-pipeline (or cocoon-sax-pipeline)

There are many components that nothing else is dependent on in core that 
could be factored out.

Now I'm completely aware that the above isn't that easy with the current 
core as there are some quite complicated dependencies. But the goal is 
to get a layered architecture, and we have to start somewhere. The idea 
is to start with the top layer and work down one layer at the time and 
discuss and solve dependency problems when we see them.

AFACS, this can be a smooth and evolutionary process.



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