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From Mats Norén <>
Subject Re: Dependencies
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 13:28:25 GMT
Jorg Heymans wrote:
> Mats Norén wrote:
>>Just a quick question to the developers list, how similar are the
>>dependencies for building 2.2 and 2.1.8.
>>More to the point, how much work is required to modify the pom.xml for
>>2.2 to be able to get all the dependencies for a minimal 2.1.8?
>>Is there an easy way to see the differences?
>>I noticed that there is a cocoon-2.1.8.jar at ibiblio but no
>>dependencies in that pom... :(
> Not that much different IIRC. A few lib versions changed, a few were
> added/removed. You'ld have to go through them manually to see what is
> different really.

Ok! Thanks.

> Ask on the user list first though, i got the impression that a few users
> have built pom descriptors for 2.1.x already (i can send you my maven1
> descriptors if it helps)

They have? I did a quick search for pom.xml in the users list archive 
and came up with nothing. I'll take a closer look then.
Anyway, I'd be grateful for your maven1 descriptor as a starting point :)

/Regards Mats

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