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From "Peter Neu" <>
Subject Future Use of Form.js Version 2/Best Practice Web Apps
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 07:40:12 GMT

I have a two-part question. I already placed it in the dev mailinglist. But
I realize that this was maybe not the place to post them. 

Question I 
Reading through the cocoon documentation and browsing for examples I did not
find much reference on how to build the classic web app. Meaning: how to
divide all content header, footer, etc into serate parts. I worked with
Tiles beforehand so I really missing this feature badly. What are you
suggestions to do this? Is an approach like in the example advisable?

How about doing some kind of best practice example? I know brick cms but it
does not really deal with this, does it? 

Question II
I like the concept of event handlers you introduced in version 2 of the
Form.js. I realized though that the examples working with the version 1 of
Form.js are not working with version 2 and vice versa. So is version 2 meant
to be used for good or is it a toy which will disappear in future releases? 


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