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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: svn commit: r356791 - /cocoon/whiteboard/maven2/cocoon-flat-layout/trunk/cocoon-core/pom.xml
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 22:40:06 GMT

Ralph Goers wrote:

> I don't use Eclipse. I ran the idea plugin and it did create a project,
> but it generated a single module project which was not what I expected.

dunno that, the eclipse plugin is more actively developed i guess at the
moment. It generates a separate project per pom and links them together
via eclipse project dependencies.

>> You have some experience using maven1, maybe you could help out on the
>> assembly part ? It should be fairly straightforward to come up with a
>> descriptor, give or take a few bugs along the way. Basically the
>> assembly descriptor builds a full binary distribution of a project, you
>> just tell it which format and what should go in it.
> Are you talking about creating the pom.xml for each project or is this
> some other descriptor?

>> The repository won't contain any ready to mount webapps as such. That
>> should go in the archetype really. I have the archetype working again
>> locally, i'll go and commit this right now.
> Aren't archetypes just templates? (from my minimal review of maven2). 
> What about the sample site? I would expect that to be a project somewhere.

an archetype is a template directory structure yes. Each file in that
structure is potentially a template in the sense that it could contain
placeholder variables that are replaced upon archetype creation.
Now it is exactly this template substitution mechanism that is causing
probs at the moment :
a) it searches binary files as well, often resulting in NPEs [1]
b) it mangles special characters eg the copyright character we have in
each license header [2]

I've created issues for both problems, unless i find some time to look
at the actual code we will have to wait for them to fix this. The
easiest thing to do would be to just disable template substition
completely - maybe you can nag Jason or Brett about it when you see them ;)

Another problem, which is supposedly fixed in the latests snapshots, is
that you can't load archetypes from a server other than the central
repository [3].



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