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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: m2 build broken?
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:08:23 GMT

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> I think that the problems is that there was a 2.0.2 release of the 
> xml-apis by mistake, don't know the story behind it, but see 
> It should 
> have been 1.0.b2.
> Several poms at the official maven repository have dependencies of 
> 2.0.2. This has been solved by leting the 2.0.2 pom redirect to 1.0.b2, 
> in the repository. Now some part of Cocoon core depends on DOM3 (IIRC), 
> that is part of xml-apis 1.3.02 (but not 1.0.b2).
> Now there are both indirect dependencies to 2.0.2 and a direct 
> dependency on 1.3.02 in the Cocoon core pom. In this situation it seem 
> like the m2 engine chose to compile with the jar with the pom with the 
> highest version number, i.e. 2.0.2. As we saw above this is actually 
> older (1.0.b2 through redirection) than the version we need (1.3.02).


> Possible solutions would be either ask the official maven repository to 
> redirect 2.0.2 to 1.3.02 instead or by tracking down all the indirect 
> dependencies in the cocoon core pom and adding exclusion clauses in our 
> poms. Considering the number of projects that depend on xml-apis and the 
> number of poms that we have it will not be fun. Other projects are 
> probably going to get the same problems, so we should fix the problem at 
> its root IMO.

The root of the problem lies somewhere in the current m2 poms from 
excalibur. These have been automatically converted from the m1 
project.xml files, so they are not using things like 
<scope>provided</scope> where they should. This problem became very 
apparent a while ago, when I noticed that for producing a minimal and 
working war file, the number of libs to exclude was almost bigger than 
the number of direct dependencies !
So i started converting excalibur to use "real" m2 poms, this process is 
about 95% complete overall, and 100% as to what our dependencies are 
concerned. The converted artifacts use a different groupId structure, 
and can be found at [1].

Left to be done :
- officially "release" these poms to ibiblio, requires some infra stuff 
and coordination with the maven and excalibur people.
- switch our core pom to use these poms instead (anyone up for this?) so 
for ourselves can do :
- a round of testing and bugfixing ~ ensure correctly scoped 
dependencies in excalibur ~ fix and rerelease poms if necessary

> A strange thing that I don't understand, is that it compiled for me on 
> my new computer where everything was installed, checked out etc this 
> thursday.

dunno, poms do get worked on in the backgroud so things can break (or 
get fixed) seemingly random.



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