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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: Roadmap, Vision and everything
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:10:27 GMT

On 14 Dec 2005, at 17:34, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> And I think, for that we really need opinions from the users because
> they know best what they don't like about Cocoon and what makes it  
> hard
> to use it. So I suggest (I think someone else suggested this some time
> ago) to make a user poll. We could simply but a form somewhere where
> users can anonymously enter some feedback into and we can evaluate the
> responses and perhaps we get some more ideas on what we can do.  
> Perhaps
> we get some flames or spam but we can simply filter that out.

Ok, I'd be willing to set up a poll. But before I randomly ask for  
feedback, do we want to focus it a little more, ask more targeted  

Some ideas of open-ended questions ...

- Have you built any Cocoon sites? (If so, how many?)
- What do you like about Cocoon?
- What do you dislike about Cocoon?
- What would you like to see improved?
- What do you think Cocoon gets right?
- What do you think is the most important feature missing from Cocoon?

.... any other suggestions?


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