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From "Max Pfingsthorn" <>
Subject RE: rejuvenating the webdav block
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 13:26:25 GMT
Jean-Baptiste Quenot [] wrote:
> * Max Pfingsthorn:
> > - Currently,  there is  no way  to access  older revisions  of a
> > source, you have to guess
> In the  WebDAV jargon, this  is the  REPORT method.  Maybe  we can
> call that getRevisionHistory() to be protocol-independant?

Yes, okay.

> > On another note: I  need the eventcaching block  for webdav, but
> > that  one only  needs jms  in one  class, and  databases in  the
> > samples. So, I'll work on the  dependency issue there instead of
> > in the webdav block directly.
> Did you find  out why the eventcache block is  needed?  And BTW is
> it  really  useful to  have  3  different blocks:  webdav,  slide,
> repository?   And  there's also  the  jcr  block, which  has  very
> similar features.

Hmm, as I see it the repository block is a generalization, and the webdav block is an implementation
of a specific repository, meaning a webdav one. I haven't looked at the jcr block, but it
should be one implementation as well.
The slide block actually uses an embedded slide instance instead of via the webdav protocol.

The eventcache is needed for more advanced caching. The components need to know about it to
be able to construct the right Validity objects for Source.getValidity(). We found out that
eventcaching is really key for good performance of the website, so I would consider it a good
kind of dependency. Of course, the eventcaching block depending (indirectly) on the database
block is a bit silly.

> I  didn't notice  the SlideSource,  don't really  know why  we use
> WebDAVSource instead of SlideSource in our project.  Maybe because
> SlideSource has nothing to do with WebDAV, it only handles a local
> repository?



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