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From "Max Pfingsthorn" <>
Subject RE: rejuvenating the webdav block
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:21:34 GMT

Thanks, I would have missed the versioning in the source. Unfortunately, there are some incompatibilities
between the existing VersionableSource interface from the repository block and what can be
done via WebDAV.
Some issues:

- Resources in WebDAV are not versioned by default [1]
- Currently, there is no way to access older revisions of a source, you have to guess
- No way to make new revision either (in webdav via checkin/out)

So, seeing the current shortcomings and inadequacies of the VersionableSource interface and
seeing that SlideSource is the only implementing class, I would propose the following:

I would refactor the interface to something like this:

public Interface VersionableSource {

boolean isVersioned();
boolean startVersioning();

String getSourceRevision();
String getLatestSourceRevision();

Map getSourceRevisions(); (renders the version tree, maybe there is a better way)

boolean checkout();
boolean uncheckout();
boolean checkin();


Other than that, I would also like to add a removeSourceLocks(SourceLock) method in LockableSource.

On another note: I need the eventcaching block for webdav, but that one only needs jms in
one class, and databases in the samples. So, I'll work on the dependency issue there instead
of in the webdav block directly.




> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jean-Baptiste Quenot []
> Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 17:51
> To:
> Subject: Re: rejuvenating the webdav block
> * Max Pfingsthorn:
> > I would  like to start  rejuventating the webdav  block. We have
> > some  code to  do  cool things  like event  caching  and a  more
> > general purpose  WebDAVTransformer (which can also  do propfind,
> > proppatch, etc).
> >
> > If you know anything you would  like to see in the webdav block,
> > please say so now. Maybe I can work it in!
> Hello Max,
> Thank you  for taking care of  the WebDAV block.  We  wish to have
> versioning support in WebDAVSource: checkin(), checkout(), lock(),
> unlock(), versionControl(), and so on.
> Is there an open-source implementation for that?
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> Systèmes d'Information
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