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From "Max Pfingsthorn" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon NG vision: focusing on the primary functionality
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 12:26:56 GMT

Very nice task :D

Here is my vision, given these constraints:

The next Cocoon should be boiled down to the basics most people need, and it would do what
Cocoon 2 does best: XML processing. However, it would also allow for a more application-oriented
(i.e. object oriented, not procedual or scripty) way of developing, using an MVC-based approach.
Having said this, the next Cocoon would consist of:
- Only POJOs (possibly shipping with some Dependency Injection based container, but being
_independent_ of it)
- Nice and consistent seperation of interfaces and implementations
  - e.g. sourceresolver, caching, "processor", etc.
  - also includes auxiliary services, like logging interfaces
- A flexible plugin model (possibly uses OSGI, but more for its classloading and class visibility
  - plugins may provide new implementations of any interface in the core or other plugins
- Interfaces to processing implementations, plus core-ish plugins:
  - A similar pipeline (possibly pull-based) architecture as Cocoon 2 (only processing, not
  - A new MVC architecture (with no limitations on the model by e.g. assumed persistence solutions)
- A generic sitemap api for the processing implementations (enables dynamic pipelines, and
a flexible sitemap language)
- An authentication architecture which integrates with the processing architecture
- A default servlet adapter for the Cocoon application

This would mean a very tiny, error-unprone core, easy extensions, independence of IoC containers
and their quirks, support for both great Cocoon 2 features plus new web-application oriented
features and more flexible authentication.
Also supports coding according to Marc's layers.

Just my very own vision.


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> From: hepabolu []
> Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 10:37
> To:
> Subject: Cocoon NG vision: focusing on the primary functionality
> Guys,
> reading the threads on Cocoon NG (Cocoon X? ;-) ) I get the feeling 
> that, although much is said, you're more or less running around the 
> heart of the matter without actually getting there. So maybe 
> this little 
> exercise might help:
> What should be the first functionality of Cocoon NG if you 
> are allowed 
> to work on it only once and have to leave it in a useable state?
> More elaborate: you have a reasonable but short period of 
> time to start 
> with a clean slate. You can either start from scratch or haul in 
> existing stuff from Cocoon 2.X. You should deliver something useful, 
> i.e. solid, functional software, even if you will never be able to 
> revisit this project again. Yet it should be flexible/well-designed 
> enough to be extended/expanded should there be time and resources.
> Extra constraint: it should be compatible with Cocoon 2.X, either 
> through backward compatibility or through a well-defined conversion 
> process. If not, it should be documented why this is still useful.
> If all this applies, what is it that Cocoon NG does?
> Bye, Helma

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