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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: [Poll] We need to align on one point (was Re: [Vision] Knowing When We are Done)
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:47:23 GMT

On 7 Dec 2005, at 23:26, Thomas Lutz wrote:

> Second argument: It was hard to explain, why I kicked struts out,  
> and used cocoon instead. And it was even harder to explain that  
> there is JavaScript in the server part. Managers who buy oracle  
> don't like to hear things like this...

To provide a counterpoint to this - we spoke with one large  
organisation that was really excited by being able to use JavaScript  
rather than Java, since it lowered the barrier to entry for some of  
their less-skilled developers and meant more people were able to work  
on the project.

On 7 Dec 2005, at 14:23, Berin Loritsch wrote:

> What's your preference for the vision?

[ ] All web apps written in JavaScript
[ ] All web apps written in pure Java
[X] Mix and match (not as simple, but is status quo with today)


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