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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject RFC: Ajax Roadmap
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 11:36:14 GMT
Hi All

I am working on refactoring our CForms Ajax code to use the Dojo Ajax  
Library. [1]

The aim of this is to reduce the amount of cocoon-specific ajax code  
that needs maintaining by us, to a minimum, while simultaneously  
adding useful new functionality.

The first thing I have done is to use the dojo.require mechanism to  
dynamically load all JS in the browser, so for instance, if your form  
does not use htmlarea, the javascripts are not loaded :)

This goes for all of the cforms, ajax, mattkruse and htmlarea libs we  
currently use.

This is not working in Safari ATM, so I cannot commit the changes yet  
unfortunately. I am pretty confidant that it is fixable. [2]

So what is the next step?

This is what I was thinking, I would appreciate your feedback.

Refactor Cocoon JS

forms-lib.js and cforms.js get merged into a new file that will  
contain all (non-ajax) CForms-specific code in the following  
namespace: cocoon.forms.cforms.

Any ajax-specific code from the files above and from cocoon-ajax.js  
go into a new file in the following namespace:  cocoon.ajax.cforms.  
This is only loaded by your browser if you have Ajax enabled in your  

FormsMultiValueEditor from forms-lib.js goes into it's own file in  
the namespace : cocoon.ajax.FormsMultiValueEditor. So that it may be  
loaded only when that widget is displayed.

DOMUtils from cocoon-ajax.js either get incorporated into  
cocoon.ajax.cforms or gets loaded separately in cocoon.ajax.DOMUtils.

Switch to Dojo Libs

Re-implement our BrowserUpdater(s) using [3]

Re-implement our load and submit event handlers using  
dojo.event.connect. [4]

Determine which existing CForms code/widgets etc. may be replaced by  
their dojo equivalent.

Determine which existing CForms code/widgets etc. do not have a dojo  
equivalent and what to do about it.

Determine what widgets there are in dojo, that are not in CForms but  
may be usefully added to CForms.

Determine what widget functionality is available in dojo, but not in  
CForms that could be added to our widgets (drag and drop repeaters?  
upload progress bar ? etc.).


regards Jeremy

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