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From Grzegorz TaƄczyk <>
Subject problems after database restart
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:31:08 GMT

  I tried to explain this issue on pgsql-general, but it was
  impossible, because it looks like that it is more
  tomcat(5.5.x)/cocoon(2.1.7) specific.

  Problem happens after I restart(or it restarts automaticaly because
  of one of processes failure) database server(pgsql 8.1), when
  tomcat is running. After restart, my components cannot use
  connections from datasource, because there is an error:
  "FATAL: the database system is starting up"
  Finally tomcat stops to accept connections and we have a disaster.

  Same thing happened when tomcat started before database server, but
  I fixed this problem using non-java methods :-)

  I don't know why, but when I restart tomcat(kill -9 java;
  ./ everything looks fine. It looks like that something in
  Cocoon is stuck or broken.

  Is excalibur-datasource(1.1.1) doing something wrong here? Is it
  capable to handle this kind of situation? Do You use
  excalibur-datasource in Cocoon 2.2?
  Thanks for help.

Best regards,

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