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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.7 hang
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:57:40 GMT
OK. I ran some basic tests on one of my machines.  Just for basic info 
it is a P4 2.5 GHz with 1 GB of memory running RHEL 3.
The only thing I did was set up JMeter to login to the portal as user 
cocoon.  In all the tests the computer was maxed at 100% cpu.

Before the change:
5 threads login repeated 10 times:  Avg 3.4 seconds, Max 27 seconds.
10 threads login repeaded 5 times:  Avg 6.760 seconds, Max 22 seconds

After the change:
5 threads login repeated 10 times: Avg 1.3 seconds, Max 2.6 seconds
5 threads login repeated 20 times: Avg 1.2 seconds, Max 2.5 seconds
10 threads login repeated 5 times: Avg 2.4 seconds, Max 10 seconds.
10 threads login repeated 10 times: Avg 2.1 seconds, Max 13 seconds.

The change has been checked into 2.1.  I'll test it on 2.2 and check it 
in also.


Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Castor seems to have a lot of useful little "hacks" - I just found out,
>that we can prevent castor from checking for default constructors which
>I really needed for 2.2 - it's there, you only have to find out how to
>configure it :). Im curious how the matches configuration looks like :)
>Ralph Goers wrote:
>>OK. I figured out how to use the matches attribute and was able to 
>>verify that it doesn't throw ClassNotFoundExceptions all the time.  I'll 
>>do a little load testing next to see what kind of difference it makes on 

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