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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.2 - Build and deployment with Maven2
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 05:59:55 GMT

Reinhard Poetz schrieb:

> That's one of the differnces between block requirements and Maven2 
> dependencies.  Maven2 dependencies are concrete implementations and 
> block requirement always point to a contract which have to be 
> implemented by a block.
> What we _could_ do is having real artifacts for our contracts and not 
> just URIs.  Well, I think that future experiments with a working 
> deployment system will help us to understand better what we really need. 
> For now I will implement it the way it was designed a long time ago 
> (based on the block.xml and it's IMO well-designed features) and we can 
> use this as starting point for further discussions.

Ah, I see.
I wasn't aware, that the contracts weren't meant to be real maven artifacts.
So what you proposed looks like a good way for me and we can continue 
the discussions when an implementation is available.


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