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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Ditching the environment abstraction
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 20:26:51 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler skrev:
> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>Look, Cocoons current messiness depends on a large amount of small 
>>things. If we not are able to improve these areas one at a time Cocoon 
>>will stay as messy as it is.
> Sure, but I really think messiness is a very hard work here.

I know, but I'm volonter to do part of it, and think it is possible and 
desirable to make Cocoon less monolithic.

> From a
> users perspective (= the average Cocoon developer), most of the
> "messiness" is hidden. She does not have to deal with how the tree
> processor works, or with implementing an own pipeline etc. All these
> interfaces and components should be well hidden to her.

I have heard quite a few users wanting Cocoon to be reusable in parts. 
But beside that this is mainly a developer question. We are a handfull 
people who dare to touch the core at all and most of us think it is a 
pain to develop thing due to monolithic design and hard to understand 
dependencies. This means that a large part of the developer community 
feel a much to high threshold to join in improving Cocoon. Also it takes 
a lot of fun away from us.


> But I'm not sure, if this incremental approach is working here.

If we block trying it, we will never know.


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