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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Roadmap for 2.2 [was Re: [RT] Ditching the environment abstraction]
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 03:29:11 GMT
Gianugo Rabellino skrev:
> On 12/13/05, Daniel Fagerstrom <> wrote:
>>I agree that the main focus must be to get a 2.2 release. So the
>>question is what to do with the real blocks. They are currently rather
>>close to the "specification", but we don't know if the specification is
>>good enough without getting experience from the blocks.
>>For ditching the environment abstraction, that should of course not
>>block any releases. It can always be solved by making the change in a
>>branch and merge it back when it works.
> I tend to disagree. The environment abstraction is to me part of the
> underlying public contracts users rely upon: changing contracts
> between minor versions is borderline but acceptable given the
> cost/benefit ratio, but it's out of question between revision. Having
> 2.2 with the old environment and, say, 2.2.1 with a new one seems like
> breaking our versioning guidelines to me. I'd suggest we ditch it
> altogether while we still have time.


We probably have a couple of milestone releases first. If we ditch it 
during the milestone phase it should be ok. But definitly not between 

The only layer in Cocoon where users has any contact with the 
environment abstraction is through the object model in sitemap 
components. So we can "push" the use of the environment abstraction down 
a couple of layers in the Cocoon internal without affecting anybody.

But of course I would prefer geting rid of them once and for all.


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