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From dave- <>
Subject Re: [RF] Chainsaws and Seeds
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 03:35:06 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Mark Lowe wrote:
>> Nice charts.. They assume that the same folk that are there at the
>> start of the start line are the same folk that are end or even perhaps
>> middle. Despite having a lot of respect for stefano's achievements and
>> the contribution that cocoon has made, I think the graphs are wrong,
>> or at least fail to account for iterations of staff turnover.
> Hmmm, this is a very valid point, I'll have to think about it some 
> more. Hmm...
IMHO, it does not matter whether the graphs are right or wrong, I think 
the web 2..0 movement has transcended the issue in any case.

Model Based Architectures and Graphical interfaces have allowed far less 
technical people access to complex environments.  I think, although I am 
not absolutely positive, that a java/pipeline/sitemap is a better base 
than perl/python upon which to build such systems.  It is for that 
reason I posted the following 2 visions in another thread:

As a first vision, I would like to see cocoon accessible to less 
technical people.  This could be done with elegant simplicity and a 
graphical interface.  Here is a good web 2.0 example

As a second vision, artifacts created by the graphical interface along 
with any written code could become the model from which alternative 
implementation systems might be generated.  For example, a model POJO 
could be implementationally persisted in various ways.   dave- 

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