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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Pull Parsing
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 10:32:58 GMT
was:  Re: Cocoon F2F at ApacheCon

> BTW, I started to sketch a proof of concept pull-based pipeline API 
> and will commit it to whiteboard/cong once I've managed to set up a 
> basic file/xslt/html pipeline with some content inspection in the middle.


What about letting it implement ProcessingPipeline so that we can use it 
together with current Cocoon?

Are there XSLT implementations that support StAX?

You should take a look at Axiom,, from Axis2. It is a light 
weight, supposedly high performance, XML object model that is based on 
StAX, and has built in caching, that can be turned of. It is designed so 
that you can cache elements in the StAX input stream in such a way that 
you can do ordinary JDOM like tree random access, but when turning 
caching of you neither build nor construct any elements. There is also a 
Jaxen adaper for Axiom.

The refactored JXTG is, at least on a conceptual level, designed to be 
pull parsers friendly. It should be possible to replace the internal 
object model with Axiom. This would make it usable both in current 
pipelines and in the pull based ones.



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