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From Upayavira>
Subject An entirely new beast
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 22:31:32 GMT
I've been thinking more about Sylvain's proposal and ideas. And would
like to suggest a way to look at it and see how it fits into the context
of what we already have.

Sylvain is proposing something different, something that is likely to be
almost entirely incompatible with the existing Cocoon. If it is almost
entirely incompatible, how can we think of it as in some way being a
_continuation_ of what we already have?

This, it is _not_ Cocoon 3.0. It is something else.

Thus, I agree with Sylvain that it should have a new name, but think
that Raccoon is a bad one, as it is a play on Cocoon and could never
really be the project's real name. Imagine it, "powered by Apache Cocoon
Raccoon". Hmm.

So, what I'd propose is we choose another name, and consider it to be a
new subproject of Cocoon. A "new, exciting web development framework
from the people that brought you Apache Cocoon".

And, the existing Cocoon carries on as long as people want and need it.
Maybe 3.0 could still be the OSGi version. It may well still bring huge
benefits to those using the current generation of Cocoon.

Thoughts? (Other than "oh no, not another naming discussion!")

Regards, Upayavira

(P.S. If people do agree, I'd say please refrain from providing possible
names at the moment. We can discuss that later. For now, let's see if
people agree with what I am suggesting).

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