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From "g[R]eK" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.x - Build and deployment with Maven2
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 19:13:12 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz napisał(a):
> Le 5 déc. 05, à 18:39, BURGHARD Éric a écrit :
>> ...Because you already wrote all the patching stuff and because i 
>> wrote a
>> groovyc plugin for maven that make the conversion of ant based build
>> process to maven plugins pretty easy, we could quickly have something
>> really user-friendly without redesigning everything...
> IMHO it's not worth writing much stuff for mavenizing 2.1.x, this is 
> coming in 2.2, very close to being ready IIUC.
> And 2.2 should require minimal changes to existing apps, so I'd rather 
> use my Copious Free Time towards a mavenized version of bricks-cms for 
> 2.2.

Please do it! :)

After reading this thread and Daniels' statements [1] I'm all with him.
It turned out I have two options:
1. Grapple with infamous C2.1.x's build system, maybe move to the
solution proposed by Bertrand
2. Invest some time on moving to C2.2 and forget about all these
unnecessary problems.

Both need time, but I opt for the second one. Given that, simple
question arises: Is C2.2 ready for using it in amateur production? I use
Daisy (I'll start separate thread on Daisy's list about it after hearing
from you about other concerns) CForms, JX and Hibernate. Will it work
seamlessly on C2.2?
I have few my own components (generators, actions), have interfaces changed?

I know all these question are too early, there is no even milestone
version of C2.2. Nevertheless, I think it's worth the effort, I'd like
to be early adaptor and give any valuable feedback.

Grzegorz Kossakowski (aka g[R]eK)

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