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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [RT][long] Cocoon 3.0: the necessary mutation
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 18:59:51 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> The main point is to have container-independent code as much as 
> possible. Providing multiple container integration may not be a goal 
> per se, but should not be made impossible. The main point is that the 
> pipeline API should be embeddable in other environments.

I have no problem with being container independent, but we should only 
provide one implementation. 

>> By the way - I'm not interested in Cocoon being sexy. I'm interested 
>> in seeing its adoption rate increase, which is a very different thing.
> You misunderstood what I said (or I used the wrong word). By "sexy" I 
> mean appealing for users, because it makes things easy and fun. If 
> that goal is achieved, adoption rate should increase. Being appealing 
> for managers is a different thing as this more mean being either 
> buzzword compliant or standards (at least defacto ones) compliant.

A Ferrari is sexy.  But it is highly impractical for use in commuting to 
and from work or in transporting goods.  By saying a technology is sexy 
it equates it in my mind with a Ferrari.  It looks great but probably 
doesn't fit really well with the work that needs to be done.

On the other hand, you have a product like IntelliJ Idea.  I wouldn't 
call it sexy. I'd call it smart.  It may not have a really fancy GUI but 
it sure makes me productive. Yes, we should be able to create sexy web 
sites with Cocoon, but Cocoon itself doesn't have to be sexy - just smart.

>> As to your sitemap changes, I think what you have in mind is right 
>> on.  It wouldn't bother me if in 3.0 we have only javaflow and 
>> flowscript for those who want to "roll their own" and webflow for 
>> those who prefer a stateful flow.
>> As for your comments on Ajax, I don't know if you read it but you 
>> should take a look at this entry from Carsten's blog 
> Honestly, I think Ajax will radically change how we consider portals, 
> not only technically in the way they are implemented, but by the 
> relation users will have with the portal. Just have a look at 
> to see what I mean.

It's a nice site, but it clearly isn't a portal.  Clicking on links 
causes you to leave the website, which a portal usually wouldn't do. But 
this discussion really has nothing to do with making Cocoon better.


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