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From Thomas Lutz <>
Subject Re: [RT][long] Cocoon 3.0: the necessary mutation
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 11:27:24 GMT
Irv Salisbury wrote:

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> 1. CForms - Our recent app has about 175 CForms.  Each of the binding, 
> definition, and template files were cocoon: URLs.  For doing simple 
> forms, having to write 3 files was a real pain and very time 
> consuming.  So, we started building our own meta file that contained 
> enough information to generate all 3 files necessary on the fly.  I am 
> sure others have done so as well.  It seems like for the simple cases 
> (or even the medium cases) we should be able to get away with 1 or 
> even 2 files that should have to be written.  CForms is great, and 
> making this easier to work with would be great.
So did I, basically it's just three pipelines testing wether a 
"customized" file with binding/definition/template exists, and if not 
generating them from a metadata xml with three xslt's...
Supplying such a basic "autogeneration" would be ok, but I think it's 
important to keep the clean separation, as this is a very important 
CForm feature.

I am not sure if I find enough time before christmas, but I was thinking 
of providing a patch with three stylesheets, hibernate definition file 
to CForm binding/template/definition... as this would be a starting 
point for some sort of RoR like code generation tools, too.

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To answer the rest of your mail, Sylvain, I'll have to re-read and think 
:-)... this will take some time...


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