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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [RF] Chainsaws and Seeds
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 18:26:13 GMT

On 08.12.2005, at 19:21, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Cocoon is what it is today, but what it is tomorrow is defined by  
> what we, collectively, decide.

Amen :)

...I also started a long-winded response to this big thread(s) but
since at least a little crowd is going to meet soon at the ApacheCon
I ended up thinking a few high bandwidth f2f discussion and *then*
get back the list might be a better time investment in the end.

So let's make it short for now...

A lot has been said ...and although there has been some disagreement
to me it does not feel like the common vision is really so diverse
at all. Simplicity and modularity! ...we just seem to have different
views on *how* this should happen.

I am also one of those who believe that Joel's article just doesn't
get it right. Just because you will *never* throw away all the code!
And I assume when people are talking about "from scratch" we will
still find quite some code from the old codebase in the new one.

I am sure we would get there through refactoring as well ...but
that's sooooo much hard work ...and with such a big project it will
mostly be just a constant pain ...ending in frustrated developers.

...but that's the last thing we need! We need back some more FUN
developing cocoon! (*sigh* The good old 2.x days spring to mind)
How childish! Maybe ...but somehow I think that's how it works.
Face it! We need the kick of the new! ...and since the core API
got pretty much stable we added so much new stuff on top that the
core had no "air to breathe" anymore.

Time seems to be right to put cocoon on a diet ...give the baby
some air to breath and let's resurrect core development.

I am sure we can do it again ...and this time we should have
enough people with old versions installed so we *have* to provide
a migration path. So no user should have to worry ;)

Let's do it! longer than I wanted ;)

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