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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Cocoon's use of Daisy on the Cocoon Zone
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 03:18:27 GMT
Unfortunately no-one from cocoon-dev followed up on this
and the topic is stalled at Infrastructure. So please
do follow up.

The suggestion was to resolve the main part at site-dev@
Any ASF committer can join:

Today i sent a separate message to general@incubator
to try to move things along on another front.


On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 04:16:45PM +0100, Upayavira wrote:
> [[This is copied to dev@cocoon for informational purposes. For the
> moment please keep infrastructure at as the principal list
> for this discussion, as the issues discussed are wider than just Cocoon]]
> = Cocoon and Daisy =
> We have discussed this within the Cocoon PMC, and would like to start
> discussions with infrastructure about our Daisy instance.
> Let me start by saying that, previous to this installation, Cocoon's
> documentation saw next to no movement. Now, we are regularly seeing
> updates by multiple people, as can be witnessed by the
> list.
> That change is significant for the Cocoon project.
> == How it all Works ==
> When we wish to publish a new document, we go to our Daisy instance and
> log in. Users have various access levels. Anonymous access is allowed,
> however we plan to have a robots.txt file blocking crawlers, and to put
> large warnings "this content is not live content" or some such when
> content is viewed anonymously.
> Anyone can create an account. Logging in gives you the ability to add
> comments to documents.
> Users can be granted "doc-editor" rights (a lightweight proposal on the
> mailing list is sufficient for this), which allows a user to edit
> documents, but not publish them. (Unpublished docs will not appear on
> the anonymous Daisy site). Any committer will be given doc-committer
> rights, which allows them to mark a document as published after reviewing.
> This allows for Stefano's lightweight documentation authorship ideas
> from Doco ( - we will encourage our
> users to start contributing to our documentation and make it easy for
> them to do so.
> When we do a new release of Cocoon, we will publish the site. This will
> currently use Forrest and its Daisy plugin. The Forrest community
> already have a Forrestbot set up on their zone which generates the
> Cocoon site every 3 hours. We would then just need to commit that
> generated site to SVN, and check that out on Minotaur for publishing.
> I believe the data is stored in a combination of filesystem and Mysql.
> Data is versioned in the repository, and commit notices go to our
> mailing list.
> As explained, we do not intend to have this Daisy instance used by the
> public for our live documentation, although we do want to encourage
> people to use it where they see the need for modifications to our docs.
> == What Next ==
> So, we have definitely moved from an experiment to an 'in use'
> installation. I believe our system is working well for us, and would
> like to discuss further here about how we should proceed.
> I believe also that our system might be of interest to other ASF
> projects and thus it may be worth exploring whether it can be installed
> on an alternative ASF machine.
> So, where do we go from here? :-)
> Regards, Upayavira

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