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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [Poll] We need to align on one point (was Re: [Vision] Knowing When We are Done)
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 04:53:02 GMT
On Wednesday December 07, 2005 6:26 pm, Thomas Lutz wrote:
> Though I am not a dev guy, I can't resist to vote, too. IMHO a mix makes
> no sense. Too make a long story short I made struggled my way into
> cocoon with

<snip type="everything I was feeling, and I'm not alone in my view"/>

> Last comment: Though this is not the question in this poll, I would even
> kick out the pipeline xml stuff. XML was not designed to be
> "procedural", basically it's a markup language, which focuses on data
> exchange.

In my vision we can keep our pipelines, but remove most (if not all) of the 
XML configuration crap.  Just some good solid conventions like rails.

> On a recent open source talk in vienna  a committer from RoR was joking
> about the java frameworks and their tons of configuration and even worse
> "flow" description files. Though the RoR approach goes a bit too far for
> a compiled language like java, I do believe it makes sense to stick to
> the language choosen.

Oh yes, spring flow...

> So, please :-), only one language, and as cocoon (or whatever it's name
> will be :-) ) is a J2EE framework: _Java_

I hear you, and hopefully even more.

> Sorry for the interference :-), regards,
> tom

Please interfere.  Users lurking on dev are more than welcome to contribute 
their oppinions.

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