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From David Crossley <>
Subject Jira: better use of the Priority field
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 23:25:01 GMT
At Apache Forrest we have discovered some problems with
the ASF Jira. Cocoon is going to hit these same issues.

So i wonder if we can address it together. There are
evidently some people on cocoon-dev who have used
Jira extensively. Perhaps we need customised screens.

Jira has a field called "Priority" which has the values
Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor, Trivial.

ASF Bugzilla has a different concept. It has a field
called "Severity" with those same values. It has another
called "Priority" which has values like p1, p2, p3, etc.

The Buzilla "Severity" means the impact of the issue
(e.g. Blocker means that it prevents development).
The "Priority" means the importance and order in which
it should be fixed.

In my opinion Jira has these two concepts mixed up

Some other project (Xalan?) has already added a custom
field called "fix-priority". Should we add that field
to our issue screens and reports?

This becomes confusing at the front page of a project
where "By Priority" is listed in the bottom-right.
They are not actually our priority for fixing the
issues, but a list of the perceived severity.

There is an additional problem. Forrest has separate
"Plugins" and Cocoon has separate "Blocks". A Blocker
in a Plugin is not necessarily a Blocker for the project
as a whole.

This makes it difficult for the developers to plan what
to work on next and which issues need to be fixed for
the upcoming release. It also gives an unrealistic view
of the state of the project.

So do people here agree with those problems?

Do you see a workaround? Perhaps rename "Priority" to
"Severity" and also list "fix-priority" on the front page
and on the issue screens.

Ross recently asked at ASF Infrastructure about the
wider issue of separate "sub-projects". See the answer
and other discussion about this topic at forrest-dev


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