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From "Stefan Pietschmann" <>
Subject Custom Pipeline questions
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 09:17:14 GMT
Hey guys,


my problem of today:


I'm writing a custom pipeline implementation. When it is set up, I lookup a
special component, which sole purpose is to manipulate pipeline processing.
I'm, however, not sure how all this works, once more than one user sends a
request. If a pipeline is processing, another request must not interfere.
Does that mean, that a new pipeline object is created (and thus a new object
of my component) when two requests occur simultaneously? I see that the
AbstractProcessingPipeline is Recyclable, so it looks like this? Is there a
pool of pipelines?


My second question: Well, if there are different pipeline objects for
different requests I don't really need this. The point is, that my component
manipulates pipeline processing depending on the user that sends the
request, so if there are different components per request I don't need to
make a distinction via the sessionID. If they are sharing a pipeline and my
object, I need to find out, which request starts the pipeline processing.
Can I somehow find that out? (read: get the Request object or something
similar to distinguish user requests from each other)


Man it's a pain to explain this.. ;)



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