On 11/3/05, Jeroen Reijn <j.reijn@hippo.nl> wrote:

We have the same problem with our sites. As far is I know they only workaround
is by putting a space between the script tags like <script>&#160;</script>

Thanks. I already did that, but it's really not that elegant. BTW I somehow managed to get this fixed but I have no clue what I did different now.

Another problem that cropped up with the "exhtml" serializer is that ' are changed to &apos; so all my little java scripts suddenly became useless:

<script src="bla.js">doSomething('<xsl:value-of select="someparam"/>');</script> turned into

<script src="bla.js">doSomething(&apos;paramvalue&apos;);</script>

any idea?

Bye, Helma