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From Nico Verwer <>
Subject Re: HTTP POST with XML body
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 19:15:02 GMT
Daniel Boesswetter <daniel <at>> writes:

> I'm sure this has been discussed before, but since I didn't find a 
> solution, I've built my own. My problem is, that I need to POST 
> XML-documents somewhere out of Cocoon and receive the resulting document 
> (e.g. for takling to an eXist database because there are currently known 
> bugs with their Cocoon integration and for integrating an XML-RPC based 
> ERP system on the other hand).

Some time ago, I described a solution in, which I have in fact used to
talk to an eXist server.
Unfortunately, a bug was introduced in Cocoon 2.1.6
(, for which there is a patch,
but this has not been applied to the Cocoon sources.
(Actually, the bug was there before, but it showed because of a change in Xalan.)
Recently, I added a comment (to Bugzilla, as Jira appeared to be broken from
where I was working), asking one of the committers to apply the (very simple)

So here is again a request for one of the committers to please apply this patch.
I have several Cocoon applications which depend on the correct handling of POST
requests with parameters by cinclude, and I would appreciate if my "list of
patches to apply to a new version of Cocoon" could become a bit shorter.

Best regards,
Nico Verwer

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