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From Peter Hunsberger <>
Subject Re: integrating mailinglist output in Cocoon
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:51:51 GMT
> I want to integrate a mailinglist into my Cocoon-based website. More
> specifically: I want to show the messages of "today" and "yesterday" on
> a page (with proper hiding of email addresses) and add some extra info
> about subscription and archives.
> Can anyone tell me how to do that? AFAIK there are no RSS feeds on the
> mailing list.

There is an IMAP generator (looks to be in the blocks folder in 1.8). 
If you can set up an IMAP mail box for the incoming mail then in
theory you can use it to ouput whatever you want (XSLT on the results
as per normal Cocoon).  I haven't used it (but I know others have in
the past); you may have to add some functionality, but it would be a

Peter Hunsberger

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