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From Max Pfingsthorn <>
Subject Re: [cforms] - <fd:suggestion-list> released in 2.1.8?
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 15:48:17 GMT
On 11/20/05 10:28 AM, "Antonio Gallardo" <> wrote:

> About Dojo, one of the concerns is that it takes longer initializing on
> the client. Maybe it is just due the internet wire. Let me explain,
> seems like dojo use a load on demand scheme to load the required JS
> files, hence it connects back to the server and this takes time, making
> the initialization slower. A bug or a feature? Dunno

Dojo has a "compressor" which is supposed to speed up javascript
initialization. See [1]. Not sure if it takes care of making dynamic loads
static, but that would be nice.

> Then the question is. How we will approach?
> A. Having our own AJAX code in cocoon
> B. Using one of the AJAX frameworks outthere.
> I prefer to go for A. until the dust go out in the AJAX world. Seems
> like every week is an annuncement of a new AJAX framework now!
> But if B. is the way to go, then please share with us wich one is the
> best for us.

I would definitely go with B. Personally, I think maintaining such a library
would just be way too much work. Seeing what sort of people work on Dojo, we
probably can be sure that it will be around and maintained for a while.

> ---------- 0 -----------------
> Also, with the suggestion-list we can also create a new multivalue
> widget rendering. One without an selection-list but with one
> suggestion-list using AJAX.
> Usecase: You need to define a group of 10 users from a list of 200+
> potential users. Is this too specialized or do you think it makes sense?

I like the idea. You mean sort of by populating a list with entries from a



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