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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: Searching for a cool portal layout
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 18:46:26 GMT
Hi Paolo,

Paolo Ambrosio wrote:
> Well, after many days of work, this is what I can offer to cocoon
> portal. Attached you can find a new skin [1], very similar
> to "common" style but with div/css layout instead of tables. This is
> because I concentated on coding instead of graphic design and because
> I'd like to have the same style rendered using both tables and divs.
Thanks for your work, fantastic.

> Indeed, some time ago I posted on bugzilla a DELI Aspect Renderer [2]
> to develop a portal skin that could recognize browser capabilities
> and render the portal using the table or the css layout as needed.
> But in this skin that renderer is not used, so I just said it to let
> you know why I used the old portal style.
Ah, ok, I saw your contribution, but never had time to really look at it...
> I structured my xsl files in a modular way to be easily used by
> other skins. I think the xslt code is quite self explanatory. The
> only "strange" thing is in the icons.xsl file. I found the original
> window.xsl quite confusing and difficult to maintain and modify:
> all icons are put in the window transformation template. So if
> someone wants to modify the icons layout, he should replicate his
> style through all icons. And what happens when a new one is added?
> With my stylesheets to add a new icon the only thing to do is
> add an entry to the generate-icon-set template. If someone wants
> to change the icon style, he should just change the draw-icon
> template.
Yes, good idea.

> Just to test my ideas about code reuse in skins, I made a modified
> version of Helma's layout to demonstrate how it could be done.
> Most files simply import my sheet without modifications. This is
> attached to the email as well [3].
> To install just unpack the archives in portal-samples/skin/
> and make an entry on portal-sample/conf/cocoon-portal-sample.xconf
> Of couse, you have to select one of those skins in
> portal-samples/sitemap.xmap
> I have some ideas for cocoon portal, but first I'll wait your
> comments on this before :-)
:=) I like your contributions and I think we should apply them (or most
of it). Unfortunately, I won't have time for it in the next four perhaps someone else can have a look at it?

And of course, I'm curious for your other ideas/comments!

Carsten Ziegeler - Open Source Group, S&N AG

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