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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject 2.2 Documentation
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 10:05:24 GMT
was: Re: Planning 2.2

Ezkovich Glen wrote:

> I agree. But if you release today, then no one except those that have  
> touched those things or followed the developer list will know what  
> those features are much less how to use them.

A 2.2 M1 is for the benefit of the community and early adapters rather 
than for a broad audience. It is for channeling community focus and 
energy, which will cretate value for a broader audience after a while.

Neither the less we need to start a 2.2 Documentation effort:

> Point me in the right direction, give me a tentative release date and  
> I will write up some documentation. Best offer I can give you today.

Thanks for the offer. Can't give you a tentative release date, but at 
least some pointers:

We need a 2.2 branch of our documentation (maybe there allready is one?)

Documentation of (please everyone, provide relevant links to mail and 
other documentation):

> - ECM++
> - Virtual sitemap components

(not particullary mature yet, but start with and 
ask on the list)

> - blocks (sitemap blocks, exposing blocks)

Ongoing work, but the "sitemap aspect" is 
based on a large amount of community driven design, so it might be 
worthwhile to start documenting. The "component aspect", and the OSGi 
part need more work and discussion.

> - per sitemap reloading classloader (for dev)
> - reworked property management
> - Spring integration (Spring block)
> - possible to listen to sitemap events
> - refactoring of Javaflow (uses now the commons-javaflow project which
>   was started by Thorsten)
> - introduction of CTemplate (refactoring of JXTemplate in 2.1.x)

It should be completely back compatible with the original JXTG, but can 
also be used in non flow environment. Leszek have added some features, 
can you give links to relevant mails please.

                          --- o0o ---

I guess, collecting relevant links to mail and current documentation 
snippets in the Wiki or in Daisy, would be a good first step.



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