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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Planning 2.2
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:45:30 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> I wouldn't say that there are no other features in trunk than the 
> build system ;-)
> Maybe the Maven build is the feature that you you're waiting for. 
> Others may wait for the virtual sitemap components or something else - 
> don't know.

I didn't mean to imply that there aren't.  From the list of features 
that was presented though, most users won't see them.  Of course, there 
are other features that I want in 2.2; more Ajax, more generators, 
transformers, and serializers implemented as thread safe compoents,  and 
improvements to the portal to name a few.  But, for me, these can all be 
phased in during milestone releases. 

Yes - I'm anxiously waiting for the maven build.  I don't expect M1 to 
get it completely right, but IMO it needs to be there,  because to me 
2.2 is all about simplifying and we need to start that by creating a 
simple download that doesn't require the end user to build Cocoon to use 
it and integrate with it.


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