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From Christoph Hermann <>
Subject Re: Core Documentation
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:14:57 GMT
Stefan Pietschmann schrieb:


> | What do you mean by "attributes". Transformers, etc. can have hardwired
> | attributes associated with them when they are configured in the
> | component section of the sitemap. In addition, they can have parameters
> | declared in the pipelines which are passed as parameters to the setup
> | method.
> The elements in the pipeline shall have attributes like
> <map:transform type="xyz" conf="someID"/>
> once this node is transfered, the code should use the manager and this
> attribute to decide, whether to append the component to the pipeline or not.

So you want to have parts of the sitemap executed dependent on some sort
of value?
Why not use an action? The contents of the action are only executed if
you return an Hashmap (i.e. you can check your ID and decide).
(Maybe i didn't understand your problem well?)

<map:match ...>
<map:act type="myAttributeCheckAction">
	<map:parameter name="conf" value="someID" />
	<map:transform src="..." />
<map:act type="myAttributeCheckAction">
	<map:parameter name="conf" value="someOtherID" />
	<map:transform src="..." />


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