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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [cforms] - <fd:suggestion-list> released in 2.1.8?
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 16:40:29 GMT
Max Pfingsthorn wrote:
> On 11/20/05 10:28 AM, "Antonio Gallardo" <> wrote:
> ...
>> About Dojo, one of the concerns is that it takes longer initializing on
>> the client. Maybe it is just due the internet wire. Let me explain,
>> seems like dojo use a load on demand scheme to load the required JS
>> files, hence it connects back to the server and this takes time, making
>> the initialization slower. A bug or a feature? Dunno
> Dojo has a "compressor" which is supposed to speed up javascript
> initialization. See [1]. Not sure if it takes care of making dynamic loads
> static, but that would be nice.

In some way it does. Basically, the compressor works with a "profile", 
which contains a number or "dojo.require()" instructions (this loads JS 
code on-demand without <script> tags). The compressor then concatenates 
all the required files and their dependencies in a single JS file that 
is compressed (i.e. whitespace removed and private symbols shrinked).

So the idea is to have the full expanded sources at development time and 
use compressed profiles (for both Dojo and Cocoon JS files) for deployment.

> ... 
>> Then the question is. How we will approach?
>> A. Having our own AJAX code in cocoon
>> B. Using one of the AJAX frameworks outthere.
>> I prefer to go for A. until the dust go out in the AJAX world. Seems
>> like every week is an annuncement of a new AJAX framework now!
>> But if B. is the way to go, then please share with us wich one is the
>> best for us.
> I would definitely go with B. Personally, I think maintaining such a library
> would just be way too much work. Seeing what sort of people work on Dojo, we
> probably can be sure that it will be around and maintained for a while.

Exactly. There are many frameworks and articles emerging every day, but 
most of them are just crap (see [2]). Dojo has been there for some time, 
is developed by experienced JavaScript people (they were doing cool 
stuff before the Ajax hype) and its development is community-driven.

> ...
>> ---------- 0 -----------------
>> Also, with the suggestion-list we can also create a new multivalue
>> widget rendering. One without an selection-list but with one
>> suggestion-list using AJAX.
>> Usecase: You need to define a group of 10 users from a list of 200+
>> potential users. Is this too specialized or do you think it makes sense?
> I like the idea. You mean sort of by populating a list with entries from a
> suggestion-list?

That should be a special styling of the widget, based on the same 
infrastructure used by suggestion-lists. Actually, the main difference 
between selection and suggestion is that selection is a closed choice 
whereas suggestion is an open choice.

Now implementation-wise, we have the problem that the point in the 
pipeline where we know if the full list is needed or not (in the XSL) is 
too far from the generation step (the template). So we either need to 
have a hint for this in the form template and/or definition, or find a 
way to generate the selection-list in the XSL.


> [1]


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