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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [cforms] - <fd:suggestion-list> released in 2.1.8?
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 09:28:53 GMT
Sylvain, thanks for replying! :-)

I had been playing with some of the AJAX client-side frameworks 
suggested by you (scriptaculous and dojo) . I was looking the internals 
to learn how they works and looking for "what is cool", so we can 
"borrow" for cocoon. ;-)

Scriptaculous is great, but I agree with your scriptaculous concerns.

About Dojo, one of the concerns is that it takes longer initializing on 
the client. Maybe it is just due the internet wire. Let me explain, 
seems like dojo use a load on demand scheme to load the required JS 
files, hence it connects back to the server and this takes time, making 
the initialization slower. A bug or a feature? Dunno. Anyhow, I noted 
that this does not happens with the cute AJAX library currently 
distributed with cocoon. Also, the dojo samples seems to require 
javascript arrays back from the server. Maybe I am wrong and please 
correct me if this is the case. Dojo also seems to be on the same wave 
as your blog about JSON [1].

Then the question is. How we will approach?

A. Having our own AJAX code in cocoon
B. Using one of the AJAX frameworks outthere.

I prefer to go for A. until the dust go out in the AJAX world. Seems 
like every week is an annuncement of a new AJAX framework now!
But if B. is the way to go, then please share with us wich one is the 
best for us.

Please see comments between lines....

Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi:
>> Was the <fd:suggestion-list> for cforms released in 2.1.8? I cannot 
>> find samples of it at cocoon.zones. The suggestion list was part of 
>> Sylvain's presentation in GT2005. At the same time, I am aware of the 
>> decision to drop scritpaculous support in cocoon.
>> What is the status of all of this?
> The client-side stuff, based on Scriptaculous, was removed. The 
> server-side stuff is still there, but needs more work: it currently 
> based on selection-lists and filters the full list of options 
> according to the user input, which doesn't scale for large datasets. 
> We need a "fileterable" selection list for this purpose.

Yep. Introduce a new parameter to define the max number of items the 
suggestion will send back to the client. For an initial version this 
should be enough.

Later, in a 2nd version or so, we can also add a 2nd parameter to define 
how many rows need to be skipped in the beggining. This can helps us to 
display the "next 20 items".

---------- 0 -----------------

Also, with the suggestion-list we can also create a new multivalue 
widget rendering. One without an selection-list but with one 
suggestion-list using AJAX.
Usecase: You need to define a group of 10 users from a list of 200+ 
potential users. Is this too specialized or do you think it makes sense?

> I will work on this in december for a project. Of course, this doesn't 
> prevent other people to join!

I like to join the effort. I will need some guide. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo


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