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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Updating the website
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:49:37 GMT
Upayavira wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>>The release is built and I'll announce everything tomorrow. This means
>>we should update the website (and docs) tomorrow as well. Can someone
>>please do this?
> A request, from a marketing perspective. Could we write a special
> announcement for this that says more 'personally' what has changed,
> rather than using the same release announcement as last time?
> If necessary, I'd happily write it (basically a manual conversion of
> notable parts of status.xml into a paragraph or two of readable English).

For future reference (or possibly this one depending on the inclination 
of whoever does this)...

A new feature of the projectInfo plugin in Forrest is that a more 
personal release notice can be written "as you go" during development.

It works by including narrative release notes in the status.xml file and 
by marking up some of the actions as being "important", i.e. ones that 
should be highlighted on the announcement document.

The actions that are "important" are then filtered and sorted according 
to the type of action they are (code, docs etc.) and shown in the 
special release notes page.

You can then use the forrest output plugins to provide the release 
notice in whatever format you need (i.e. HTML for the web page, Text for 
email, PDF for press releases etc.)

It is also now possible to use full xdoc within the action descriptions. 
This means you can insert images, links etc. Therefore, it is now easy 
to produce "new and notable" documents like the excellent ones produced 
for Eclipse [1]. THe hard part is insisting that people place minimal 
documentation for new features in status.xml rather than a one line 
description. If this is done the resulting doc acts as useful form of 
documentation for those upgrading, and provides a starting point for 
real documentation for new features.

For an example of how to markup the document see the forrest status.xml 
[2] (note the categories are user definable so you could have a category 
for blocks, core etc.)



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