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From Daniel Bößwetter <>
Subject Re: HTTP POST with XML body
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 19:40:38 GMT
Hi Bertrand,

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> ....
> I'm always picky about names so I'll make a few suggestions if you 
> don't mind: with the goal of making sitemaps more self-explanatory I'd 
> use the following parameter names: post-body, post-body-encoding, 
> username, password, drop-request-parameters.

Ok, good idea. I changed the names accordingly.

>> ...I attached a diff against the 2.1.7 version of 
>> WebServiceProxyGenerator. I tested a couple of cases and it seems to 
>> solve at least my problems (for now)...
> Would it be possible for you to provide some HtmlUnit test cases along 
> with your patch, to demonstrate your changes? Having this would help 
> make this generator a "first-class citizen" (and you'd be a bit of a 
> hero as that block doesn't have automated tests currently ;-)
> You can find example of such tests in

Hm, I think I could do this, but I didn't find any htmlunit-test in the 
2.1.x distribution nor in the SVN-trunk. The build target htmlunit-tests 
doesn't exist either.

Could you please clarify which source tree I should be using or which 
patches I need to apply?

Best regards,

>   src/blocks/batik/test/htmlunit
>   src/blocks/webdav/test/htmlunit
>   src/blocks/xsltal/test/htmlunit
>   src/test/htmlunit/
> they are quite easy to write, you just need to create classes having 
> names ending in ...TestCase and put their code under 
> src/blocks/proxy/test/htmlunit
> To execute the tests use "./ htmlunit-tests" and follow the 
> instructions.
> Note that I just committed a fix as HtmlUnit tests from blocks were 
> not executed, this should be ok now.
> -Bertrand

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