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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update round 2
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 15:06:08 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I just sent it offlist, but I sent it from the zone, not sure if mail is 
> set up correctly there. If you don't recieive it you can get it at 

Got the mail ok.

> (note this is not regenerated when the site is rebuilt)
> The two files forms/binding/binding.html and 
> forms/binding/xmlbinding.html will become the correct files. The only 
> other known problem at this stage is i18n-transformer is now 
> i18nTransformer (see earlier mail)

Hm, why some files are there twice? Example:


Diff attached. Lots of differences, I'll sum up some of them here:

   * Duplicates: See example above. Was it simply because output
     directory was not cleared up between forrest runs?

   * Extra URI segments:

       /concepts       (under /developing)
       /gettingstarted (under /faq)
       /sitemap        (under /faq)
       /using          (under /faq)
       /cocoon         (under /howto)
       /contribution   (under /howto)
       /documentation  (under /howto)
       /testing        (under /installing)
       /documentation  (under /plan)
       /otherplanning  (under /plan)
       /overview       (under /plan)
       /api            (under /userdocs/forms)
       /basics         (under /userdocs/forms)
       /binding        (under /userdocs/forms)
       /publishing     (under /userdocs/forms)
       /widgetconcepts (under /userdocs/forms)
       /widgets        (under /userdocs/forms)
       /sitemap-components (under /userdocs)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/generators)
       /optional       (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/generators)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/matchers)
       /optional       (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/matchers)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/readers)
       /optional       (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/readers)
       /scratchpad     (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/readers)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/selectors)
       /scratchpad     (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/selectors)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/serializers)
       /optional       (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/serializers)
       /core           (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/transformers)
       /optional       (under /userdocs/sitemap-components/transformers)
       /logicsheets    (under /userdocs/xsp)

   * Different URI segments:

       /snippets vs. /snippet


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