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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update round 2
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 12:54:42 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Note, somehow only the menu is up on forrest.zones, all linked pages 
>>> are gone. I suspect this is due to the split in the navigation doc in 
>>> Daisy and should be fixed when Ross adjusts the appropriate files in 
>>> Forrest.
>> I'm not seeing this. I see the full contents of the site, all looking 
>> lovely, with the corect URLspace. Are you still seeing this problem?
> Just checked: no everything seems fine.
>> There are three broken links in the site build now, I'll look at those 
>> tomorrow morning (UTC), if someone else wants to have a go at it the 
>> broken links are shown on:
> IIUC there are four broken links, but I have no clue how to fix it, sorry.

Yes, there were four.

The first (2.1/index.html) didn't appear anywhere in the Daisy nav menu 
so Forrest had no way of knowing how to find it. I just added index to 
the About section.

(NOTE there was a link to the index page used on daisy, but that is not 
the index page for the site so I removed that, you still see the daisy 
index when you go to the legacy docs on daisy itself).

Two of the others had the same problem: 2.1/forms/binding.html and 

The problem here is the fact that daisy does not allow grouping of 
documents without adding something to the path. There are only two files 
in this section of the navigation, so I don't think it is worth creating 
a separate nav document for them like we did with the higher level 
nodes, although that would solve the problem.

I propose we either accept these as changed URLs and we add .htaccess 
rules for these two files. They are now at 
2.1/forms/binding/binding.html and 2.1/forms/binding/xmlbinding.html

If that is not acceptagble then someone needs to do as Helma did and 
create an import node for these two docs.

The last one 
is a problem with Forrest. It uses a pattern of "**i18n-*.html" 
internally for some of its internationalisation stuff. This is obviously 
not good, I've raised an issue in Forrest, but it is too big a job fix now.

I've therefore renamed this file to i18nTransformer as a workaround. But 
  of course, this creates another change URL.

I just did a test build and there are now no broken links. So, if our 
work has worked (next forrestbot build will confirm/deny this) we should 
be down to just three (or even one) changed URLs, quite manageable with 
an .htaccess file I think. Perhaps Vadim can create a diff for us again 
to check this status, once the build has completed in around 3 hours.

For the future:

Bruno has suggested a change (on the Daisy list) to Daisy that will 
allow us to Group items without affecting the urlspace. So we can fix 
this problem in future releases (there is another Daisy user needs this 
too, so hopefully one of us will implement it). We'll also fix the 
"i18n-" urlspace limitation in Forrest.


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