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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update round 2
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:45:47 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Results are encouraging - now diff between old URI space and new version 
> is much smaller (attached as well)
> Note that there are several numbered docs in there - either mislabelled 
> old docs or newly added docs, i have not checked.

Note, somehow only the menu is up on forrest.zones, all linked pages are 
gone. I suspect this is due to the split in the navigation doc in Daisy 
and should be fixed when Ross adjusts the appropriate files in Forrest.

Here are snippets of your diff that I want to comment on:

 > +/692.html
 > +/692.html
 > +/692.html

I'm not sure where you found this one, because it doesn't show up on the set. In Daisy I used it to work around a little problem in 
the navigation doc: if a group contains only links to external pages, it 
doesn't open because there is no internal document to display. The 
content of this page is reflected in the forrest.zones set similar to 
the set, with one exception:

the "Links" section is not present in forrest.zones although it is 
present in Daisy.

 > -/catalog-test.html

IIUC this is only present in the repository, but not on and also not in Daisy. It is beyond me to grasp the 
value of this page, so AFAIC I won't put any effort into it to get it on 
the website. Again, this is toplevel, so that explains its absence as well.

 > -/changes.html

This is so outdated (see that I 
would be ashamed to put it up again. So it's missing from Daisy (also 
because it's toplevel) and therefore from forrest.zones.

 > +/developing/portal/authentication.html

In the original site, this points to 
/developing/webapps/authentication.html. Although Daisy also refers to 
the same document, it is now available under two urls. No showstopper 
for me.

 > /developing/portal/coplets.html
 > +/developing/portal/coplets/cachinguricoplet.html
 > +/developing/portal/coplets/uricoplet.html

The two pages below are extracted from the huge coplets.html file and 
put in separate pages to keep the info more readable. They can be 
reached through the menu see forrest.zones.

There was an issue with an extra /portal/ in the url. I've fixed that. 
Only thing that remains are the samples:
daisy export: /developing/portal/samples/forms.html + .../basket.html /developing/portal/forms.html + .../basket.html

 > +/developing/portal/layout_skins.html
 > +/developing/portal/wsrp.html

New content

 > +/developing/webapps/604.html


 > +/developing/webapps/application_management.html
 > +/developing/webapps/authenticating_user.html
 > +/developing/webapps/module_management.html
 > +/developing/webapps/pipeline_patterns.html
 > +/developing/webapps/summary.html
 > +/developing/webapps/user_administration.html
 > +/developing/webapps/user_management.html

Same as for the portal: this was all part of one huge 
"authentication.html" file. I've split it into different smaller files 
to keep it more readable. They are all in the menu.

 > -/installing/requirements.html


 > -/plan/changes-doc.html
 > -/plan/issues-doc.html
 > -/plan/review-sitemap-docs.html
 > -/plan/todo-doc.html

These are very old and very outdated. The info is either done or not 
valid any more. When we want to have a "hip and modern" Cocoon, these 
pages provide the opposite signal. Since they deal with documentation 
only, I suggest to simply leave them out. If people think the 
information is worthwhile keeping, I suggest we either move them to 
Daisy but only for archiving purposes, or we move the info to the wiki.

 > -/todo.html

IIUC this is genererated from status.xml, so I didn't do anything with 
this, although I think this is a good candidate for either Jira (most 
obvious place) or a Daisy document (easier to get an overview).

 > +/userdocs/forms/ajax.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/formlibraries.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/improving_sample.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/selectionlists.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/templating.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_class.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_form.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_group.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_imagemap.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_tree.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widget_union.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/widgetstates.html
 > +/userdocs/forms/xmlbinding.html
 > +/userdocs/matchers/template-matcher.html

New content

 > -/userdocs/generators/sessionattribute-generator.html
 > -/userdocs/transformers/jpath-transformer.html
 > -/userdocs/transformers/role-filter-transformer.html
 > -/userdocs/transformers/simple-form-instance-transformer.html
 > -/userdocs/transformers/simple-form-transformer.html

I've recreated the pages, with hardly any info in it, for 
url-compatibility sake. There were already links to the apidocs for 
these classes.

 > +/userdocs/transformers/463.html
 > -/userdocs/transformers/i18n-transformer.html

Fixed, 463 = i18n-transformer

Bye, Helma

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