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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 23:10:39 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> <about label="About">
>>   <xi:include href="cocoon://"/>
>> </about>
>> <documentation label="Documentation">
>>   <xi:include href="cocoon://"/>
>> </documentation>
>> etc.
> Sounds ok and I'll give it a try on the Daisy side, but do be aware that 
> solving the top level is not 100% solution, I do remember that I've 
> changed similar things at a deeper nested level, just can't remember where.

We'll have to do it at each nested level then - not ideal, but Bruno has 
confirmed, via the Daisy list, that it is not possible to create a 
navigational group of documents that does not correspond to something in 
the URL Space.

Lets see how disjointed the nav documents would become, it seems to make 
sense to split out the major sections, such as user docs, develop docs 
etc. It might even make sense to split out, for example, the forms docs 
and portal docs, but it would not be good to be forced into splitting 
much further than that (e.g. sub sections within forms).

If this turns out to be too fiddly we could add some .htaccess rules to 
handle the deeply nested items. The issue (I believe), is to ensure that 
  existing links to the docs are not broken, it is not that we have to 
have the same URL space.


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