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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 16:20:40 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> I now also realise what happened and what the rationale was behind the 
> way it is currently set up in Daisy:
> the main menu bar suggests that there are sub sections: About, 
> Documentation, Community etc. I wanted to keep that division so I 
> created the "folders" About, Documentation, Community etc. I focused 
> more on the appearance of the menu on the left than on the urls. When 
> there was a discrepancy, I choose the menu above the url.
> So, I can either remove the "headers" like About and Documentation and 
> they have to be added in the daisy-to-forrest conversion, or we have to 
> settle for a slightly adjusted url space.

It is too complex to have Forrest rebuild the navigation structure in 
that way, but it does given me an idea for something that I believe is 

If we split the navigation document in Diasy into subsections, i.e. at 
the point at which the extra URL entries appear, we can then import 
those into Forrest's site definition file at the relevant point.

So, in Forrest (site.xml), we currently have::

<xi:include href="cocoon://"/>

(document 655 is the current, all encompassing navigation document)

this is replaced with

<about label="About">
   <xi:include href="cocoon://"/>
<documentation label="Documentation">
   <xi:include href="cocoon://"/>

This should work without any modifications to the Forrest plugin.

A nice side effect is that it will result in a smaller, more manageable 
navigation structure in Daisy whilst (I think) the complete nav document 
can be reconstructed in Daisy using import nodes in much the same way as 
in Forrest above. We may even be able to use this to recreate the 
site.xml file in Forrest, but if not hand coding in Forrest will be a 
quick fix for this release.

If someone else can handle the Daisy end of things I can handle to 
Forrest end, but probably not until Friday as most of tomorrow (GMT) is 
a travelling day. If anyone wants to handle the Forrest end beofore 
then, the above examples should be enough, if not David and/or the 
Forrest user list will help out I am sure.


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