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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release - update
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 15:30:43 GMT
sorry for duplicating Ross' effort. I only know understand what he meant 
by "removing the documentation name is not the solution".

I now also realise what happened and what the rationale was behind the 
way it is currently set up in Daisy:

the main menu bar suggests that there are sub sections: About, 
Documentation, Community etc. I wanted to keep that division so I 
created the "folders" About, Documentation, Community etc. I focused 
more on the appearance of the menu on the left than on the urls. When 
there was a discrepancy, I choose the menu above the url.

So, I can either remove the "headers" like About and Documentation and 
they have to be added in the daisy-to-forrest conversion, or we have to 
settle for a slightly adjusted url space.

When removing the xdocs from the repository I left the original book.xml 
and other relative files in for reference of these headers.

So from my POV there is an inconsistency between what the menu suggest 
and the urls reflect in the ORIGINAL site. I have tried to fix that in 
the Daisy documentation.

I never realised that people pay more attention to urls than to the 
menu. Sorry for that and sorry for not communicating all these ideas and 

Bye, Helma

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