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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Building for release
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 14:44:45 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I just built a tar file of the cocoon docs from the last automated 
>> build. You can download it from:
>> You should find that the URLspace is suitable for inclusion within the 
>> cocoon.a.o urlspace and for inclusion in the release.
>> I've not got the time to verify it right now since I have to leave 
>> this hotspot, should be at another in a few hours. I'll try and look 
>> at any reported issues then.
> I compared current /2.1/ site URI space with the files in tar.gz and 
> found out that actually there are way more differences than I thought... 
> *All* URIs but one has been altered. Diff attached.

This is useful. I now see that the Daisy navigation document is not the 
same as the original site navigation - ooops I really should have 
verified that. I had been assuming it was correct and therefore 
verifying the Forrest docs agains the Daisy docs not the Cocoon ones. I 
really ought to read your mails more carefully, sorry.

OK, let me look at a random page, the cocoon web site shows:

In your diff it appears as -./userdocs/index.html (which agrees with the 
cocoon website).

This Forrest built site shows:

(note the additional "documentation")

This in turn corresponds to a path of 
2.1/documentation/userdocs/index.html in the zip

So the problem (in this case) appears to be the addiitioon of the 
"documentation" part. This comes from the daiy navigation document:

So, the solution (in this case) is to remove the "documentation" part 
form this path.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how we can have a node in Daisy that does 
not add a part to the navigation tree. In this case the "documentation" 
part is added by the "Documentation" group node. I tried removing the 
optional ID attribute that defines what appears in the URLSpace, but 
that just ended up with "documentation" being replaced by the Daisy 
generated "g1".

I'll try and look into this some more. I have half an hour before my 
next meeting.


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