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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: Ajax libraries: let's wait a bit
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 06:07:51 GMT
Hi Sylvain and other AJAX gurus ;-)

I wonder, if you heard of Taconite [1] which seems to have released 1.0 
It is licensed under the Apache License, but I don't know, if it does 
what we need.

Additionally to the list of AJAX libraries already posted [2] I found an 
other one in [3].
But unfortunately Taconite isn't mentioned in both lists.



Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few days ago, I raised some concerns [1] about the Scriptaculous 
> JavaScript library which we started to use in the Ajax block, because of 
> modifications made to JavaScript base classes made by the underlying 
> Prototype library on which it is based.
> I had no satisfying answer on the Scriptaculous mailing-list, and 
> removing the base classes extensions in Prototype would mean rewriting a 
> lot of things in Scriptaculous and is thus very unlikely to happen. 
> Furthermore, I also wanted to use the Sortable [2] class for CForms 
> repeaters, but had to make important modifications to the class itself 
> for this to work with CForms because the conventions used are different.
> Considering this, I decided that Scriptaculous was a wrong choice and 
> looked to other alternatives.
> The most promising so far is the Dojo Toolkit [3] :
> - it has a very cool "load on demand" feature that allows to have only 
> bootstrap <script> tags in the page, and then load other scripts when 
> they are needed using "require('')". A must have in Cocoon 
> where each block may bring its own client-side scripts. Also in CForms 
> where you do not want e.g. to have htmlarea and calendar loaded in all 
> pages if not used in these pages.
> - it is not only about cool effects: it provides a number of data 
> structures, can use iframes when xmlhttprequest is not present, tackles 
> the browser history problem in Ajax apps, etc.
> - its development is community-driven, even if the original creator 
> plays the "benevolent dictator"
> - it has an interesting test system that uses Rhino, and the ability to 
> assemble and compress a number of files in a single one to speedup 
> things in production.
> The current drawback of Dojo is that the all the spiffy effects are 
> there (and more [4]), but lack a close integration with background page 
> update. But that should be a couple of classes.
> All this to say that before making a choice for a client-side JS library 
> that more and more blocks are likely to use with the progression of Ajax 
> needs, we need to take a bit of time to find the pros and cons of the 
> various alternatives.
> As 2.1.8 will be released soon, I will rollback changes to the CForms JS 
> library so that is uses the little home-grown stuff I wrote back in 
> July. I will also remove the Ajax examples that rely on Scriptaculous 
> (sorry Jeremy!), which will be reinstalled once we've taken the time to 
> make a choice.
> Thoughts?
> Sylvain
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4] 

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