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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: ForrestBot build for cocoon-site FAILED
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 21:52:47 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 05.11.2005 14:45, Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Of course, someone could fix the broken link, then the nags would go
>> away ;-)
> To do this myself I have to get more to know about the current docs 
> infrastructure.

Of course I wasn't suggesting you personally do it, but if you have the 
time to help...

> Can somebody give me an overview about it or does a 
> document exist to read about it? How do Daisy and Forrest integrate? 

This build failure is not the Daisy integration stuff, that is 
cocoon-docs, this failure is in cocoon-site, which is the site docs 
found in the site module of Cocoons SVN.

This works with the 0.7 release of Forrest, so the only real way of 
working with it is to install Forrest locally.

> And what actually do I have to change to get something fixed like the 
> link above?

I've looked at the broken-links report and it seems the 
built-with-cocoon logo is missing from the site. I'm travelling at 
present and only grabbing a few minutes at a time with net connection so 
have gone no further than that yet.


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