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From hepabolu <>
Subject [Documentation] clarifications about docs
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 17:51:57 GMT

just to get the confusion level down I'd like to verify that my ideas 
about the current docs are complete and correct.

 From what I've gathered from the various threads the idea is currently 
as follows:

In general:
- Daisy at the cocoon.zones is our staging server for the documentation 
of all current and future version of Cocoon. The main advantage is the 
ease of creating/editing the documentation. It is not our main 
documentation site, because both the server and Daisy will most likely 
not be able to handle the performance load of a large number of visitors.

- is our main documentation site and there should be 
an automated process that updates this site based on the info in Daisy.

- we want to include a snapshot of the documentation in every cocoon 
release, i.e. it should be available for download, but separated from 
the cocoon release.

Cocoon 2.1.8+
- to keep the documentation "backward compatible", 
should look very similar to the old version, i.e. with a blue header 
bar, a blue menu bar with rounded edges. It should also have the same 
urls as the old version.

- the site is generated using Forrest with an automated process set up 
on forrest.zones. The result is currently available at but will be 
moved to after the 2.1.8 release.

Cocoon 2.2+
- the documentation is generated as a Daisy book in both PDF and HTML.

- there is a minimal static part of the website, that is generated and 
maintained by Maven2. The content of this part of the site is mostly 
what can be defined in the top-level pom.xml:
   - "about us" with a link to the Daisy documentation,
   - "changes.xml" with the info of our current status.xml
   - some extra default Maven pages, like info on mailing lists, SVN access

- both the "maven site" as well as the HTML Daisy book are restyled and 
can have a different look. I do suggest something different, although I 
think the main color should be blue, to at least keep some link with the 
previous versions. A change of logo is also ok, _BUT_ it should be at 
least recognizable as the word cocoon. Hint: <cocoon/> ?

- there is an automated process that can generate the static site as 
well as the do the Daisy book generation and exportation to

Did I miss something?
Did I write something that is not correct?

Bye, Helma

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